The Community Health and Equity Index was developed to examine the spatial relationship between vulnerable populations, social and economic factors, mortality, morbidity, the physical environment, pollution, and crime and to identify the areas of City burdened with the mos adverse conditions. This dataset is reflecting census tracts in Los Angeles that are among top scoring quintile in the Community Health and Equity Index. Refer to attribute column: "HD_IND_W" to display census tracts with the highest scores in the Community Health and Equity Index. To learn more about the basis for the Index, please review the complete Health Atlas for the City of Los Angeles (pp. 181-182 ad 184) or Chapter 13: Community Health and Equity Index of the Health Atlas, both available for download at by Raimi + Associates for the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and The California Endowment, May 2013.

Dataset Attributes

  • ID
    46.766237 to 66.785509
  • HD_IND_W
    48.910385 to 70.901113
  • Number

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