Percent of adults (18+ years old) who reported that their neighborhoods do not have walking paths, parks, playgrounds, or sports fields Data Source: 2011 & 2015 Los Angeles County Health Survey; Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. FAQS 1) What is the Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS)? The Los Angeles County Health Survey is a population based telephone survey that provides information concerning the health of Los Angeles County residents. The data are used for assessing health-related needs of the population, for program planning and policy development, and for program evaluation. The relatively large sample size allows users to obtain health indicator data for large demographic subgroups and across geographic regions of the County, including Service Planning Areas and Health Districts.  Produced by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology (OHAE) 2) What are the sample sizes of the 2011 and 2015 LACHS? Estimates are based on self-reported data by random samples of 8,036 (from 2011 survey) and 8,008 (from 2015 survey) Los Angeles County adults, representative of the adult population in Los Angeles County. 3) What does the 95% CI mean? The 95% confidence intervals (CI) represent the variability in the estimate due to sampling; the actual prevalence in the population, 95 out of 100 times sampled, would fall within the range provided. 4) What is the prevalence and confidence intervals (CIs) for Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles? Findings for the County of Los Angeles: (14.7%; 95% CI=14.0-15.5)Findings for the City of Los Angeles: (18.0%; 95% CI=16.7-19.3)  "Field Name" = Field Definition"CPA_NUM" =  Unique identifier for each Community Plan Area"NAME_ALF" =  the 35 Community Plan Areas, LAX Plan Area, and the Port of Los Angeles Plan Area "Stable_est"  =  (Yes) the estimate is statistically stable (relative standard error ≤ 30%) (No) the estimate is statistically unstable (relative standard error >30%) and therefore may not be appropriate to use for planning or policy purposes "LowerCL"  =  the lower 95% confidence limit represents the lower margin of error that occurs with statistical sampling "UpperCL"  =  the upper 95% confidence limit  represents the upper margin of error that occurs in statistical sampling"Percent"  = percentage of adults (18+ years old) whose neighborhoods do not have walking paths, parks, playgrounds, or sports fields

Dataset Attributes

    1010 to 4430
    {"value"=>"Westchester - Playa del Rey", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Los Angeles International Airport", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Wilshire", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Wilmington - Harbor City", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Westwood", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Westlake", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"West Los Angeles", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"West Adams - Baldwin Hills - Leimert", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Venice", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Van Nuys - North Sherman Oaks", "count"=>1} ()
  • Stable_est
    {"value"=>"Yes", "count"=>26} (), {"value"=>"No", "count"=>13} ()
  • Lower95CL
    0 to 18.1
  • Upper95CL
    8.8 to 56.3
  • Percent_
    4.8 to 35.6
  • Percent
    0.048 to 0.356
  • Number

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