This feature layer, derived from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) data, portrays Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC). LCCs provide a forum for States, Tribes, Federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities and other groups to work together in a new way to deal with complex conservation challenges.LCCs are applied conservation science partnerships with two main functions.Provide the science and technical expertise needed to support conservation planning at landscape scales – beyond the reach or resources of any one organization.Promote collaboration among their members in defining shared conservation goals.Partners can identify where and how they will take action, within their own authorities and organizational priorities, to best contribute to the larger conservation effort. LCCs don’t place limits on partners; rather, they help partners to see how their activities can "fit" with those of other partners to achieve a bigger and more lasting impact.Landscape Conservation CooperativesTo learn more, please visit: Landscape Conservation Cooperatives  To access the complete data and metadata for this Service: FWS Geospatial Services.Data currency: 2015For feedback please contact: ArcGIScomNationalMaps@esri.comThumbnail source image courtesy of: U.S. Geological Survey.Other Federal User Community federally focused content that may interest youDepartment of the Interior                              Fish & Wildlife Service Open Data: USDOI                                         Open Data: FWSAnd for FWS content on ArcGIS Online, please visit FWS's Homepage           

Dataset Attributes

  • FID
  • area_names
    {"value"=>"Upper Midwest and Great Lakes", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Western Alaska", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Unclassified", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Southern Rockies", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"South Atlantic", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Plains and Prairie Potholes", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Peninsular Florida", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Pacific Islands", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Northwest Boreal", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"North Pacific", "count"=>1} ()
  • BCR_number
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>3} (), {"value"=>"27e & s 29 s 31", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Unclassified", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"9s", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"9n 10", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"5", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"4", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"36 37 20 21", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"33 34 35", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"32 and 15w", "count"=>1} ()
  • Area_Num
    0 to 22
  • Shapearea
    1.60251230489033 to 1883.26744824796
  • Shapelen
    19.2109253511097 to 1822.86592584841

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