Refer to this link, for the High Injury Network methodology. This is a feature service that allows for you to add the High Injury Network to your webmaps and applications in ArcGIS Online or in ESRI ArcMAP. Street segments and their endpoints are indicated. Even though the HIN represents just 6% of our total street mileage, it accounts for 65% of all deaths and severe injuries involving people walking. Strategic investments along the HIN will have the biggest effect in reducing death and severe injury on our streets.Our methodology draws from the latest 5 years of traffic collision data. The HIN is the guiding document for prioritizing our efforts and the framework for achieving zero traffic deaths by 2025.Fields:STNAME = Street name for the segmentShape_Leng = Length of the segment in feetFROM_ = Beginning of segment; If it is only the interesection, it will include "AT XXXX"TO_ = End of segment; If it is only the intersection, it will include "AT XXXX"For more information about the HIN, see the story map or to to learn more about Vision Zero. 

Dataset Attributes

    {"value"=>"VICTORY BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"VENTURA BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"SEPULVEDA BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"NORMANDIE AVE", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"WASHINGTON BLVD", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"VANOWEN ST", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"SATICOY ST", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"LAUREL CANYON BLVD", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"FIGUEROA ST", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"AVALON BLVD", "count"=>5} ()
  • Shape_Leng
    172.682443223 to 57765.7024966
  • Shape_Le_1
    0.748636761654 to 57765.7024966
  • FROM_
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>15} (), {"value"=>"WESTERN AVE", "count"=>11} (), {"value"=>"FIGUEROA ST", "count"=>10} (), {"value"=>"VICTORY BLVD", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"VERMONT AVE", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"7TH ST", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"WILSHIRE BLVD", "count"=>4} (), {"value"=>"SLAUSON AVE", "count"=>4} (), {"value"=>"SANTA MONICA BLVD", "count"=>4} (), {"value"=>"LA BREA AVE", "count"=>4} ()
  • TO_
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>15} (), {"value"=>"CENTRAL AVE", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"1ST ST", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"WILSHIRE BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"VERMONT AVE", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"SUNSET BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"SHERMAN WAY", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"BALBOA BLVD", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"WOODMAN AVE", "count"=>5} (), {"value"=>"OLYMPIC BLVD", "count"=>5} ()
  • Number

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